The Best Air Purifiers for Allergies & Asthma

Unfortunately these days we cannot always trust that the indoor air we breathe is of good quality. As a result, air purifiers have become extremely popular.

A good air cleaner will work hard to clean and purify indoor air by removing a large majority of the airborne particles including dust, allergens, and contaminants that can often lead to poor health.

Rightly so, the coronavirus pandemic has made us even more aware of the value of good air quality and the need for home air purifiers.

In this guide we examine several key factors that you need to consider when comparing the best air purifiers for allergies and focus specifically on devices aimed at easing ongoing issues for allergy sufferers. We also take you through some of the leading options available right now.

When it comes to air filtration there are appliances to suit all needs and budgets and we hope after reading this guide and the reviews contained within it you will be able to make an informed decision and get the one that is most suitable for your needs.

Important Functions of the Best Air Purifiers for Allergies

Even in the cleanest of areas, air can contain many impurities. A quality air purifier will help to eliminate the vast majority of the unpleasant and potentially harmful impurities.

This will leave your immediate environment with clean air, aiding the improved health of those that breathe which in turn can reduce the risk of allergies and infections.

There are several important factors to consider when investing in an air purifier:

The size of the area

Not all air purifiers are created equal. Some are designed to clean the air in small rooms such as a bedroom or kitchen while others are more suitable in larger spaces such as a living room.

It is important to understand the range of the model relative to where you want to use it to ensure that it will work effectively based on the cubic feet range that you want it to cover.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

This gives a rating of the efficiency of the air purifier and how well and how quickly it works on different pollutant sources and airborne allergens.

Quite simply, the higher the CADR rating the faster it cleans the air.

The effectiveness is normally expressed as a percentage of the contaminants the air purifier is able to remove from the air.

Air purification technology

There is now a range of different technologies used to purify the air and when it comes to choosing the best air purifiers for allergies it is important to have a basic understanding of these key technologies, especially if you have specific needs.

Many air purifiers use a combination of technologies for improved air cleaning and improved air quality, the most important are:

HEPA Filters

True HEPA filters are highly efficient at eliminating most contaminants and allergens in the air. They are particularly good at trapping smaller particles and can help reduce dust mites.

Used alone, they are not very good at eliminating odors or gases however many HEPA air purifier models still remain extremely popular.

All in all HEPA air purifiers are a good filtration system that is effective and relatively quiet.

Carbon Air Filters

Once carbon has been activated by oxygen it becomes extremely absorbent. This type of filter works well with other filters to clean tobacco smoke and gases and help to remove bad odors.

Pleated Air Filters

These are great for dust and other pollutant sources. The greater the number of pleats the more effective they are.

Fiberglass Air filters

This is a popular filter option as it is affordable and effective. They are helpful for asthmatics as well as other allergy sufferers.

Ionic Air Purifiers

The technology used in these ionizer air purifiers creates negatively charged ions. The impurities in the air become negatively charged and are drawn towards collection plates with a positive charge. These can then be easily cleaned to remove the particles.

Ionic air purifiers are safe and effective.

Noise Levels

The last thing that you want is a noisy air purifier. The less sound it puts out, the better and most modern quality air purifiers make very little noise even with high air flow. Remember, this is particularly important for use in a bedroom. Many have low or specific fan settings that let them operate at a whisper level.

Size and Appearance

You want the air purifier to look good and fit comfortably in the space you intend using it. Consider the size and aesthetics of the model when making your decision. The location of your air purifier is also very important.


Air purifiers range from highly affordable to a considerable investment so you need to consider your budget.

Give some thought to things like the power and range of the model as well as the warranty as these, although highly desirable, will push the price up.

man suffering with allergies

Best Air Purifiers for Allergies Reviewed

Honeywell HFD320 AirGenius 5

Honeywell is a large well-established company that makes a range of products with a reputation for quality and effectiveness. Their HFD320 AirGenius 5 is a reasonably priced tower design air purifier with a lot to offer. It uses a fairly unique technology that is a Honeywill patent, Intense Field Dielectric or idD. This allows it to operate effectively, efficiently, and quietly. It makes use of a permanent filter that can be washed which will save you money and hassle over time.

It will trap airborne particles 0.3 microns and larger with a 99.9% effectiveness. The purifier will take care of rooms as large as 250 square feet, circulating the air roughly 5 times every hour. Being a tower design it has a small footprint and is a sleek smart-looking device. There are 5 levels to choose from to control power and air flow including an ultra-quiet sleep mode for safe and peaceful rest.

The HFD320 AirGenius is AHAM verified and Energy Star certified. It is also effective against airborne germs and allergens as well as VOCs (volatile organic compounds). One should see a reduction in allergy symptoms. The air purifier will help eliminate odors in the room as it improves air quality.


  • Sleek and compact
  • Affordable
  • No replacement filters needed
  • Relatively quiet
  • Sleep mode
  • 5 operation levels
  • Neutralizes pet odors
  • Oscillation optional
  • AHAM (association of home appliance manufacturers) verified
  • Energy Star certified
  • 5-Year warranty


  • Not the highest CADR values
  • Some find the display lights to be an irritation

Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier

While this is a slightly more expensive air purifier it has some great technology and cleans and purifies the air effectively. It uses a combination of a true HEPA air purifier as well as activated carbon filters. This allows it to filter particles as small as 0.03 microns with a 99.97% effectiveness.  It will eliminate most pollens and allergens and it is 99% effective against VOCs and fumes including CH3CHO and NH3. The washable pre-filter will take care of larger particles

It operates efficiently in an area as large as 1,560 square feet. The air will be cleaned twice per hour. With dimensions of 14.8”W x 22.8”H x 14.8”D it is relatively compact and has a modern design. One has a choice of graphite or white finish. There are 5 levels including a sleep option. It is generally quiet and almost silent on sleep mode. The smart purifier can automatically come on or adjust according to the condition of the air. It has a pollution sensor with LEDs to control this and let you know the quality of the air at a glance.

The Coway Airmega 400 has a timer and will also give you an indication when filters need to be replaced or washed. It is Energy Star certified. The air purifiers have a 5-year warranty on the electronics as well as the motor.


  • Effective true HEPA filter
  • 5 modes including sleep mode
  • Automatic fan speed adjustment
  • Air quality and filter status indicators
  • Energy Star certified
  • 5-Year warranty on electronics and motor (1-year for internal malfunctions)
  • Attractive design


  • Relatively expensive
  • The cost of replacement filters will add up over time


This is an affordable option with a combination of a fine preliminary filter, a true HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. These work well together to tackle most potential air issues for air that is cleaner, healthier, and better smelling. It takes care of dust, smoke, allergens, pollen, pet dander, pet hair, VOCs, and other pollutants.  As with the above models, it can eliminate airborne particles as small as 0.03 microns and this model has a 99.97% effectiveness.

The LV-H133 will refresh the air in an 881 ft² in 30 minutes and 18 minutes for a 538 ft² in sized area. It will give you an indication of the air quality and adjust the fan speed automatically as needed. The LED display and timer are convenient and user-friendly.

It operates silently and the lowest mode will allow for a great sleep. The air purifier is safe with FCC and CARB certification and is ETL listed. The design is sleek and modern.


  • 3 filter combination for improved air purification
  • Works well in larger areas
  • Sleek elegant design
  • Ideal for owners of animals with pet odors and other issues
  • Effective on odors
  • Indicates air quality and adjusts accordingly
  • Timer and user-friendly controls and display
  • Ultra-quiet particularly on the lowest setting
  • CARB and FCC certified and ETL Listed


  • Replacement filters are fairly expensive
  • Warranty is only for 1 year

Germ Guardian Large Room Air Purifier – AC5250PT

Guardian Technologies make this highly effective air purifier. They have a good reputation for quality products that create a safer and healthier environment. A range of technologies has been combined to make this a powerful air purifier. It has a HEPA filter to remove pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens with a 99.97% effectiveness. An antimicrobial agent, Pet Pure, is incorporated into the filter. This will protect against the growth of mildew, mold, and bacteria that could potentially grow on the filter surface. The charcoal filter works well to rid the room of smoke and odors. This is a good option for pet owners. UV light technology is an optional extra that one can add to the air purifier. This will kill mold spores, germs, viruses and other bacteria in the air.

The streamlined tower air purifier is ideal for rooms up to 180 square feet and will refresh the air 4 times every hour. It has 5 speeds and is relatively quiet. It is Energy Star certified, AHAM verified, and CARB compliant. The Germ Guardian AC5250PT carries a 5-year limited warranty.


  • PetPure treatment is ideal for pet odors
  • Compact tower design
  • Optional UV C technology for greater effectiveness
  • Good value for money
  • CARB compliant
  • AHAM verified
  • Energy Star certified
  • 5-Year limited warranty


  • Not the quietest air purifier on higher speeds
  • No smart features such as wi-fi or Alexa connection

Alen BreatheSmart Classic P1000 Air Purifier

If you are looking for an air purifier that is effective in larger areas this is one to consider. It can work in a space of  1100 sq ft. cleaning the air in half an hour. It has a HEPA-type Carbon filter to eradicate 99.9% of impurities in the air. These include pollen, mold, bacteria, smoke, and pet dander. The Alen BreatheSmart Classic P1000 uses a 4-stage filtration process and operates quietly and efficiently. It is not the cheapest air purifier on the market but it is a popular choice and receives a lot of positive feedback.

The sensor light will instantly tell you the quality of the air in the area and will automatically adjust the fan speed according to the need. It comes with a lifetime warranty which will give you peace of mind when investing in the Alen BreatheSmart Classic P1000 Air Purifier. The look is stylish and elegant making it look good in any space. The controls and indicator lights are good looking and easy to use.


  • Covers a large area
  • 4-Stage purifying and filtration process
  • Effective on bad odors
  • Low noise levels
  • Air quality sensor lights
  • Customizable and versatile
  • Automatic fan speed adjustment
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Unit is fairly costly
  • Replacement filters need to be purchased

Final thoughts

Air purifiers will improve the quality of the air that you breathe which is essential for good health. The best ones designed for allergy sufferers will help remove dust and pollutants in the air.

Give some thought to your needs, the space you want to use in, and your budget in order to find the best air purifiers for allergies. You cannot put a price on clean indoor air.