Air Purifiers FAQs: Do air purifiers help with smell?

There are many reasons for choosing an air purifier. One of the most common of these is to help address odor issues. There’s a great deal of confusion regarding this subject, largely because there isn’t a simple answer to the question.

The Filter Matters

In order to tease out the true answer regarding the question do air purifiers help with smell, it’s important to understand how they differ from one another. Despite the fact that there are different technologies used to clean and purify the air, the type of filter an air purifier uses is crucial to its effectiveness at removing odors.

How Does an Activated Carbon Filter Work?

An activated carbon filter is designed with a large surface area relative to the air purifier’s volume. This surface area contains a network of submicroscopic pores. These pores are designed to absorb the particles that contribute to odors.

The unique design of an activated carbon filter enables molecules to attract other molecules that are contained within particles. These molecules attach to each other and are then removed.

Which Odors Can an Air Purifier Remove?

When armed with an activated carbon filter, an air purifier is effective at removing a variety of odors including smoke, pets, chemicals, cooking and more.

Depending on the air purifier, it might also be possible to wash the activated carbon filter. Doing so frequently improves the filter’s effectiveness and can increase its lifespan.

Square Footage Matters

Another consideration when searching for an air purifier to remove odors is the size of the area the unit is rated for. Each air purifier states the maximum square footage that it’s capable of.

It’s important to match the size of the room or home with the right size air purifier. Otherwise, the unit won’t be able to purify the air as effectively.

Other Considerations

Regardless of the quality of the air purifier, following all the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding placement, maintenance and capabilities are crucial to its effectiveness. For example, most manufacturers recommend that the casing and under the air purifier be kept clean and free of obstructions. Another common recommendation is a regular schedule of filter replacement and/or cleaning.